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Posted: 03 Dec 2020, 10:21
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For may years I'm a very happy WikiLoc user with various iPhones. I've recorded hundreds and hundreds of tracks perfectly. #happy

Since I have a iPhone 11 Pro recording is not as accurate anymore. It looks like the App records (far) too few GPS locations. Sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes before a new spot is recorded.Which makes the tracks really coarse grain.

I first noticed this when following a track (many signals of 'lost track'), and also when I record a new track the lines are not smooth but more like connected straight lines.

And - no- my phone is not in energy-saving mode and back-ground App updates are enabled.

Does anybody know what's going on here? recognize this behavior? And .. what's a possible solution?

thnx 4 your help!

the Netherlands

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