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Posted: 23 Aug 2020, 22:13
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Hello everybody,

I used to have a iPhone SE 1st generation (2016), a terminal that worked always flawlessly.
Then recently I bought an iPhone SE 2020, immediately I started to notice that GPS accuracy was occasionally off by several meters, then after a few seconds the GPS would recover the correct position very quickly.
I returned the first unit and replaced it by a new one thinking that 1st unit was faulty.
Result? The second unit does exactly the same thing.
Contacted Apple, they've never heard about such issue.
A bunch of resets, including a recover from scratch by ditching the old backup copy.
Result? Exactly the same s..t!
Contacted Wikiloc support that suggested to use offline maps, to avoid other things influencing the GPS.
Result? Same thing as before.
It could be that I'm so an unlucky guy that both terminals were faulty, or it could be that Apple has a new model that has a serious bug/fault.
I'm asking other wikiloc members using this iPhone SE 2020 to come forward and share their experience about the GPS drifting occasionaly.

Best regards

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