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Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 00:29
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I've uploaded a trail I recorded last sunday from the android app (V. 3.7.10 running on Android 8.1.0. on device Motorola G5 Plus), I saw it appear on my wikiloc account on my computer screen and I also received the "check out your new trail" e-mail containing the link ( ... 9-46527443 ). then I decided to delete this trail from the Saved Trails section within the app as this trail showed some incorrect data (eg. wrong elevation curve, which by the way corrected itself once uploaded) so that I can download the corrected version.
(This is another anomaly I have noticed, regarding the app, for instance total elevation gain and loss change when uploaded).
Anyway I tapped the edit button (pencil) then tapped the trash can and deleted this trail. Then to my horror :shock: I've noticed that the uploaded trail also disappeared from my trails list. I do think that something went wrong, this should not have happened !
Can you please help :?:

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