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Posted: 22 Jan 2019, 02:40
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When I open Wikiloc on my desktop, I can choose to see a variety of maps, including OpenCycleMap. I cannot see these options anywhere on my Android app, neither online nor offline. (I use the "Malaysia" map.)
I think I used to see the OpenCycleMap on Android somewhere. Where did it go, and how can I get it back?

Trails from RuGie
Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 10:50
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in online mode of any android device you have all options:
open street maps
usgs imagery
open cycle map

but in offline mod there isn't.

in the right corner of map click more maps.

use default motor or chrome.

Trails from Mohamad Chaichi محمد چایچی
Posted: 02 Mar 2019, 08:55
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Thank you for your input. In my app, I do not get the maps you list, not even in online mode.

When I click on the round Globe icon at the top right of my screen, it shows the online options of Google Satellite and Google Terrain. Nothing else.

It also shows one offline map for "Malaysia" (where I live), but that map has very few mapped trails. It does not show all the trails mapped on the OpenCycleMap. I can see those on the desktop browser on the site, but not on the app. (I can see them in other apps like AllTrails and GuruMaps, but not in the wikiloc app.)

My question is, how can I see all the trails from the OpenCycleMap in my app, either online or offline?

Thanks you.

Trails from RuGie
Posted: 02 Mar 2019, 15:48
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click the following link with any search motor such as ''chrome or google '' in your device (not in wikiloc app be care!!!):
2-wait one minute.
3- click more maps on the right up corner of map
4-see open cycle maps
5- click
which step was blocked?

wikiloc app created just for creating trial and following trial and see your profile but in limited version and explore trial only for follow trial and no more!!!

Trails from Mohamad Chaichi محمد چایچی
Posted: 03 Mar 2019, 05:42
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I was able to copy the link into the Firefox browser and this opened a browser window with the option "More maps". I can choose opencyclemap and it will be displayed in the browser window, just like it is on my desktop.

But for hiking, I need the More Maps option in the app, not only in the browser.

(If I copy the link into my Chrome browser, it automatically opens in the app and there is no More Maps option.)

I think the problem is that the downloadable Wikiloc map for Malaysia includes much less information than the opencyclemap.

Trails from RuGie
Posted: 03 Mar 2019, 15:50
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in offline mod of app when you follow a trial for hiking or you are going to record trial in the right corner of up of page there is a white sphere and if you click this sphere there will be two options satellite and terrain and the second one is open cycle map click and wait

Trails from Mohamad Chaichi محمد چایچی
Posted: 04 Mar 2019, 01:53
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Exactly! That's where I have the problem: I expect the Wikiloc offline option to give me the opencyclemap, but it doesn't. It shows a map that has a few features on it, but no mapped trails. If I open GuruMaps, I can see all the opencyclemap trails on it. I don't know why wikiloc does not show the trails on their offline map. I've written to their Support email, but haven't received an answer yet.

I tried to copy screenshots of the two maps into this post to show the difference, but this Forum does not seem to allow attachments of photos. Basically the photos show the exact same location, and it's easy to see the difference in the maps. Maybe you can see them at this link: ... J2aENmbDJB

Maybe this is a problem only with the offline map for Malaysia, and other countries have better offline maps?

PS. I just heard back from Wikiloc Support. They wrote,

"The OpenClycleMap is not available on the mobile app due to licensing issues. Only the system online maps (Google Satellite and Terrain), our offline maps and some selected third party online maps on certain regions are available on the app."

That's very disappointing.

Trails from RuGie
Posted: 05 Mar 2019, 16:01
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I saw exactly your sent two maps for some times.
open cycle maps are based on " topographic lines " and as i see in your two sent maps they have the same lines and every line means 10 meters difference of height and no more, so i don't see any valuable difference between them, except the color and some other plant signs that is not important as the map tool. would you tell me that? what case did you find in right map and not in left map?

please tell me what are you expect from a cycle map maybe i help you to find it in both sent maps

are you familiar with finding hill and edge from any topographic map? this is the key of using them. the following like may help you

Trails from Mohamad Chaichi محمد چایچی
Posted: 06 Mar 2019, 01:07
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I am quite familiar with topographical maps and contour lines. When I was younger, I used to do orienteering. So that's not a problem.

If you compare the two maps, you will see that the one on the right has some red hyphenated lines, like this --------- These are paths that are mapped on the OpenCycleMap, but they are not mapped on the Wikiloc offline map. (They are not trails that somebody has recorded, but only paths that have been mapped.)

For me it is important to have the paths mapped, because it is a tropical area with much vegetation as well as landslides that cut established trails. When I'm out in the forest and get stuck because of vegetation or landslides, it is important to see where the nearest mapped path is so I can try to get there. And I need these maps to be available offline, because in many areas there is no data reception.

I noticed that very few apps allow you to download offline opencyclemaps for free. I did find the ViewRanger app which does allow this. I also noticed that Wikiloc has more trails recorded than other trail apps, so now I will use Wikiloc for recording and following recorded trails, and ViewRanger as an offline map.

Trails from RuGie
Posted: 10 Mar 2019, 15:20
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you are right
Even in my area in offline mode there are not red hyphenated lines. in fact these lines are mainly trails that somebody has recorded, but selected, some of them are mine and normally two month after recording were transferred to opencycle maps permanently. I think there is a team who selected valuable tracks for this item.

Trails from Mohamad Chaichi محمد چایچی
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