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Posted: 15 May 2021, 10:40
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My wife recently has bought a 'trike' bike. No, not one of those motorbike frontwheels with half a Volkswagen attached, but a proper three-wheeled recumbent 'bi'cycle. One that you have to pedal yourself. It's not the type that disabled people use (at least they do here in the Netherlands), but a very sporty, off-road capable vehicle, with three wheels for stability and comfort.

We live in the Netherlands and although we have plenty of nice outdoor areas, it's not the wildest of nature we can venture in. All paths and trails are regulated, as in their use is determined by the governement or the owner of the land. That means that for instance footpaths have a barrier across them, to prevent motorvehicles or bicycles going onto them. Wheelchair accesible paths are just that: Wheelchairs and pedestrians only. Etc.

Ofcourse there are paths which allow multiple types of users. But not all of them are suitable for trikes. Or they are not the nicest to tricycle on, like busy B-roads or narrow bicycle paths.

We can find nice and suitable paths in our own neighbourhood, that is not the problem. The problem is to find routes that are trike-friendly in other areas. It would be a great help if there were a category 'Trike-bike'.

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