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Posted: 26 Mar 2021, 22:37
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It would be nice to have an "export trail as picture" feature. It would resume the trail in the map and all infos you can see in the app. It would be almost like taking screenshot from the app (more than one since all infos do not fit the screen). It could have the date occupying an smaller area, with smaleed letters (for max/min altitude, elevation gain/loss, speed...) and the map could be chosen between satellite, topography or even a combination of both!

I sabe in my Photos app the trail pictures but neve have a "one image" with all trail data. I need to open the app the check it every time.

Trails from vitorforlin
Posted: 26 Mar 2021, 22:38
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And currently taking the screenshot in the web-view does not give us a decent result either.

Trails from vitorforlin
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