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Posted: 01 Feb 2021, 22:31
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Hi there,

I was just uploading a track I recorded yesterday in the app. I wanted to add some waypoints on the website but it seems that is not possible afterwards? I imported the track into google earth and then back into wikiloc, but then I loose the photos, and somehow the length and elevation gain change (this seems to be an issue for a lot of tracks I imported, a recalculate option would maybe be a good idea).

It would also be cool to have the option to upload a track from the app but leave it private to finish editing the description later on the website and then sharing it with the public. Now it goes immediately public when I upload it.

Keep up the good work


Trails from JeroenC
Posted: 01 Feb 2021, 23:03
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Did you ask Google how to add waypoints ;) ... rail-route

Trails from Sandal man
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