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Posted: 25 Oct 2020, 11:39
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So as said in the title, I never understood why following a trail also starts the record trail thing...Record trail should be for when you, well....want to record a trail, to upload and share, follow a trail is something totally different, it makes no sense that these are somehow intertwined. And in a related issue then when you stop following the trail you have to "delete" the trail you just recorded (for no good reason).

This is just one of many MANY UX flaws on the app, a hiking friend of mine who is an app developer and I always bemoan the terrible ux/ui experience of this app whenever we go hiking.

I dont want to rip on you guys because you have created a functional app and filled a great need. But for years I have been amazed at how terrible the ux/ui is but I just kept thinking "Anyday they are going to release a whole new build of the interface and correct all these", but years later it seems your development team is perfectly content with the UX/UI you have. Like I said, bravo for what you have done, but I would love to see you guys give some love and attention to the user experience aspect, hire some great designer and put them to work. Raise the prices if oyu have to, but if you dont do this you are going to lose your position as "King of the mountain" when it comes to hiking apps.

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