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Posted: 09 Oct 2020, 12:04
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Hi guy, I'm 5 years senior Wikilok user now, I like Wikilok but some points missing to be perfect ^^,

I would like to sugest some features for the application.

    - It will be verrrrrry cool that we can use an open street map (bicycle or hiking) in the app as we can do on the website.
    I'm living in Belgium and I regularly notice that my offline map is not up to date ! there are missing tracks, point of interest, etc.
    But if I check on the open-"cycle-street" map on the wikiloc web site, all the tracks are there.

    - A very important point for me is confidentiality, I do a lot of hike from my home and I don't like the fact that every body can see where I live quite easely..

    when you finish a record, It's possible to set up your trail on "private" but it remains only on local ! why ?
    So I upload my record and after I have to go to the website and changed my trail to "private"...It will be more easily to publish my trail directly on the web site with the private option.

    As we can see on Strava, it's possible to set up a confidential zone around your home, that will be a good feature for Wikiloc.

    - I would like to have the possibility to add some informations points on my offline map during a reccord (which could also be registered on my web profile as well, like a list of favorite trails.)
    because some time I see some nice paths that I would like to remember after and come back later, or to avoid private path, views point etc.
    But when I went back home, it's not simple to remaind where it's was exactlY.

On the web site, when you are on your profil, I would like to have an improvement to filter or sort my trails,

Like by years - by sport - by country, etc sometime I'm loking for an old trail and it's a pain in the arse to find something,'s to basic to make good and restrictive selection.

Many Thanks for you attention :D
keep going

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Posted: 19 Oct 2020, 11:52
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all visible recorded tracks in open cycle and satellite format are the same.

for second case you can start recording some minutes later to hide your home position. but if you mean to keep your city or area i think you have n't any key.

for the third case when you choose a way point during recording there is two box to add your information ( name and description) as well as the kind of your way point and this is enough to remember for you when y comeback home. I did the same.

but the others can improve via team.

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Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 10:54
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Thanks for posting this I agree with all your points entirely. For sometime now I have found that there are missing paths when using the phone that I intend to rectify in Open Street Map when I return home. When I look at my route on the PC at home I find that the paths are actually on the map, it's just that the phone displays a down graded verison. I have fomnd this issue in the UK, Crete and Spain. It is so bad that I now have two apps open: one for recording on wikiloc and the other for the full map.
Your other suggestion to be able to filter your trails would be very helpfull and the sort of facility that is standard on most web sites now adays. I'd like to find out what are my most popular trails for instance.

I aslo wish I could record my local walks as private from the phone, there has been a huge increase in local walks this year due to covid travvel restrictions.

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