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Posted: 15 Jan 2008, 11:57
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Just thought it'd be good to clarify that all data in wikiloc is GPS data and there's no way to create a track or place a waypoint by hand by drawing on the map (at least from within wikiloc). This could seem a limitation, but that way all GPS tracks and waypoints you may find in wikiloc are suitable to be downloaded to a GPS device and be used to safely navigate along a trail and find the waypoints where they really are in the field.

I think this philosophy is a very positive thing for all of us that use as a meeting point to prepare our next outdoor activity, in the real world.

[update 2009/05/07] As you may have already realized in, I've had to change my mind ;) and add the option to draw a trail on a map manually. I would like to thank to all of you that kept telling me that that was a 'must have' feature in wikiloc and that one can draw trails manually in Google Earth and then upload the KML in wikiloc anyways. So it is better to offer the option within Wikiloc and in doing so we know better what comes from a GPS and what's been hand drawn. Although most of the trails in wikiloc have been recorded with GPS receivers, now when you download a trail you'll see immediately if it comes from a GPS or not. I must say that so far all hand drawn trails I've seen are great and accurate.

Trails from Jordi

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