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Posted: 09 Mar 2011, 23:26
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tengo elgarmin foreraner305 al subir rutas me las pone en millas ,cuando el gps lo pone en km como soluciono el problema

Trails from encobel
Posted: 07 May 2011, 18:35
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Hello everybody!

In this my first post a little presentation:

My name is my nick, Luis Lourenco, and I'm very focused in motorbiking all over the world with my KTM 990 S or my Honda Africa Twin. Also doing some rali raids with a KTM 525.

For now Europe, Western Africa and India were my destinations, but looking forward to expand them to Asia and America.

And normally, as nowadays is normal, following tracks in my GPS (Garmin 60 and 62) either drawning them by using topo maps or following previous tracks done by other travellers.

See you around the world :-)

Trails from LuisLourenco
Posted: 09 May 2011, 08:44
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Thanks for introducing yourself to the Wikiloc community Luis. Enjoy your trips!

Trails from edumartinell
Posted: 13 Dec 2011, 15:01
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Hi there. I was looking arround but haven't seen anything over my doubt.

I was designing a route over 1600 nautical miles and after a couple of hours I was able just to desing less than 400 miles. Does anyone know if there is a chhance to use another system to design routes (especially nautical routes that are usually long distances)?

Thank for your kind anwers.


Trails from WelnessAdventure
Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 09:18
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Hi, there's no easy way of manually creating such long routes in Wikiloc. This feature was designed to create tracks inland, where there's more need of detailed information and routes are shorter

Trails from edumartinell
Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 09:37
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Thanks edumartinell for your kind answer.

I really appreciate Wikiloc.

Have a nice time and to all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Trails from WelnessAdventure
Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 16:19
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As edumartinell said it's difficult to draw such a long trail with wikiloc's 'draw trail on a map' feature. Perhaps you can user Google Earth. There is a tutorial on the net about how to do it:

Once created, you can "right click" on the path within Google Earth and choose Export as KML or KMZ file. That file you can upload it into wikiloc directly.

Hope it helps!

Trails from Jordi
Posted: 29 Jul 2015, 13:28
How can I delete an own track ?

Trails from
Posted: 29 Jul 2015, 13:52
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Click on your username at the heading of the website and then click on 'Your trails'.
When the mouse is over a track the button to delete it should appear.

Trails from Xondu
Posted: 30 Jul 2015, 17:10
Thanks chondo, I could'nt fix it on oldversion Safari and first iPD, but on Firefox it's done.

Trails from
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