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Posted: 21 Sep 2021, 13:05
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I am a paid member since 2012. I hadn't used Wikiloc in over a year (COVID etc.), but when I recently tried to download a trail to my phone I couldn't. Nor could I follow a trail. As a paid member I have been able to do both these activities for years. What's happened?

Trails from Dtowns
Posted: 30 Sep 2021, 19:23
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Hello? Is there anybody there?

Trails from Dtowns
Posted: 04 Oct 2021, 14:04
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Hello Dtowns .

I advise you to notify your problem by sending an email to Wikiloc technical support using the link Contac Us that you can find at the end of every article in the Help Center . I am inserting an example of such an article:
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Best regards.

Trails from Nofahuer
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